Trump’s Beat Boxing Lawyer – Boom Chika Brrrr​

Funny Donald Trump indictment meme shows illustration of him and lawyer. Caption says "When you're getting indicted but your lawyer won't stop beatboxing".
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Trump's Beat Boxing Lawyer - Boom Chika Brrrr

Trump’s lawyer Barry Briefs found himself in the midst of a legal showdown, defending none other than the embattled former president. As Barry presented his case, his words punctuated by the occasional “boom-cha,” “Whucka whucka,” and “Zshliip,” the courtroom atmosphere took on a surreal quality.

“Barry, for the love of justice, would you please stop that infernal beatboxing?” the exasperated former president hissed under his breath, his face flushed with embarrassment.

But Barry, caught up in the rhythm of the moment, only grinned mischievously and doubled down on his beatboxing, unleashing a torrent of complex rhythms and percussive sounds.

The judge, attempting to maintain order, pounded his gavel repeatedly, each strike punctuated by a sharp “bow-wr-wr-wr” as Barry’s beatboxing persisted.

Opposing counsel, initially taken aback by Barry’s unorthodox defense tactics, found themselves tapping their feet unconsciously to the infectious beat. Jurors, normally stoic and impartial, bobbed their heads in silent approval, swayed by the unexpected musicality of the proceedings.

As Barry reached the climax of his argument, his beatboxing crescendoed to a thunderous climax, filling the courtroom with a symphony of sound. “Zshliip,” “boom-cha,” and “Whucka whucka” reverberated off the walls, drowning out any semblance of traditional legal discourse.

The ex-president, seated beside Barry, couldn’t help but crack a smile, momentarily forgetting the gravity of his situation in the midst of Barry’s audacious performance.

In the end, whether it was Barry’s legal acumen or his irresistible beatboxing prowess that swayed the jury, the verdict came down in favor of the former president. And as they exited the courthouse, Barry couldn’t resist breaking into one final, triumphant beatboxing solo, the sounds of his victory echoing through the halls of justice.

The Surprising Demise of Jar Jar Binks: From Sith Lord to Silly End

Funny meme says "Would you rather look like Jar Jar Binks or talk like Jar Jar Binks? You're not allowed to kill yourself." Shows image of Jar Jar laying on ground with tongue out. Shows OnlyMemez logo.
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The Surprising Demise of Jar Jar Binks: From Sith Lord to Silly End

In the annals of galactic history, the name Jar Jar Binks has long been synonymous with comedic mishaps and accidental heroism. However, little did the galaxy know that beneath his bumbling exterior, a hidden power of the dark side lay dormant. This tale unravels the shocking truth about Jar Jar’s secret Sith identity and his unexpected, albeit hilariously mundane, demise.

The Unseen Darkness

While most dismissed Jar Jar as a mere fool, his clumsiness served as an effective cover for his true nature: a Sith Lord of remarkable power. Behind closed doors, he delved into ancient Sith teachings, harnessing the dark side’s energy. His mastery over mind manipulation and subtle influence proved invaluable to the rise of the Empire.Jar Jar Binks, the quirky Gungan from Star Wars, was not what he seemed. Unbeknownst to all, he was a secret Sith Lord with a cunning ability to manipulate minds. This fascinating revelation sheds new light on the character’s complexity and impact on the Star Wars universe.

The Rise and Fall

Jar Jar’s mastery of the dark arts facilitated key strategic maneuvers that bolstered Emperor Palpatine’s rise to power. His orchestration of events, from the election of Palpatine to the execution of Order 66, shaped the galaxy’s destiny. Yet, his careful machinations were overshadowed by his comedic antics.

The Unexpected Demise

In a twist that defied all expectations, Jar Jar’s grand plan met a truly undignified end. While on a routine visit to a bakery on Coruscant, Jar Jar’s fateful misstep occurred. Distracted by a colorful display of pastries, he slipped on a stray banana peel – a comically ironic downfall for a Sith Lord of his stature.

As he tumbled backward, his arms flailed in a desperate attempt to regain balance. Inadvertently, his fingers found the switch of an industrial dough mixer. With a sudden whir, the mixer sprung to life, enveloping Jar Jar’s body in a mess of dough and frosting. The Gungan’s muffled cries for help were drowned out by the mechanical churning.

The shocking end of Jar Jar Binks, the hidden Sith Lord, took a humorous turn. Amidst a bakery visit, a slip on a banana peel led to a disastrous encounter with an industrial dough mixer. This unexpected demise adds a unique layer to the character’s legacy.

Jar Jar Binks, the unlikely Sith Lord, left an indelible mark on Star Wars lore. His secret influence and ultimate, absurd demise underscore the complexity of the character. In a galaxy brimming with grand battles and epic confrontations, Jar Jar’s downfall reminds us that even the most powerful can meet their end in the most unexpected and humorous ways.

Fuck it – Sports Steroid Meme

Funny steroid sports meme shows image of a muscly man jumping extremely high and says "There should be an olympics where athletes can take as many drugs as they want. Like fuck it, let's see how high humans can really jump".
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Fuck it - Sports Steroid Meme

In the competitive world of sports, athletes often seek any advantage they can find to reach the pinnacle of success. However, when the quest for greatness takes an unfortunate turn towards the misuse of performance-enhancing drugs, the consequences can be dire. From humorous mishaps to devastating outcomes, the impact of drug abuse in sports is far-reaching. Join us on a sobering journey as we explore the untold stories of athletes whose pursuit of glory led them down a treacherous path, underscoring the importance of fair play, integrity, and the well-being of all involved in the world of sports.


  1. The Elastic High Jumper: A high jumper uses a serum that enhances their leg muscles. During a competition, they leap so high that they get stuck mid-air in a stretched-out position like a human slingshot, requiring assistance to return safely to the ground.

  2. The Turbocharged Sprinter: A sprinter tries an experimental energy drink that boosts their speed significantly. They run at an astonishing pace but find it challenging to stop, comically zigzagging through the finish line and into the race officials’ tent.

  3. The Inflexible Gymnast: A gymnast uses a muscle-enhancing cream for extra strength. Unexpectedly, their muscles become stiff and rigid, leaving them trapped in a permanent split position during their floor routine, causing laughter among spectators.

  4. The Energized Wrestler: A wrestler takes a stimulant to increase their energy levels. During a match, they become hyperactive and bounce around the mat like a rubber ball, surprising their opponent and the audience alike.

  5. The Superhuman Diver: A diver uses a performance-enhancing supplement to achieve perfect form. During a dive, their newfound grace causes them to glide effortlessly through the air, creating an impression of flying before making a spectacular splash in the pool.

  6. The Unbreakable Weightlifter: A weightlifter uses a powerful substance to enhance their strength. During a competition, they go into an uncontrollable rage, lifting everything they can find in the gymnasium, including equipment and furniture, leading to a humorous but chaotic scene.

  7. The Hyper-Focused Archer: An archer experiments with a concentration-enhancing drug. They become so laser-focused on their target that they temporarily lose awareness of their surroundings, inadvertently shooting arrows into non-target objects like balloons and flags.


These scenarios showcase the unintended and unexpected consequences of performance-enhancing substances in a lighthearted and humorous manner. They serve as a reminder of the importance of natural abilities, responsible practices, and adhering to ethical standards in sports.

Barbie Oppenheimer Meme – Get in Bitch

Funny Barbie Oppenheimer crossover meme shows image of Barbie in her car with mushroom cloud in background. Text says "Get in bitch, we're going Oppenheimering".
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Barbie Oppenheimer Meme - Get in Bitch

So, picture this: I’m just chilling at home, minding my own business, when out of nowhere, Barbie herself shows up at my doorstep. I couldn’t believe my eyes! She looked like she just came out of a wild party, hair perfect, and that iconic pink car parked behind her.

With a playful grin on her face, she leans in and says, “Get in, bitch, we’re going Oppenheimering!” I’m stunned, trying to process what she just said, but also incredibly curious about what this Oppenheimering thing is all about.

Without a second thought, I jump into the car with her, and off we go, cruising down the streets with her fabulous convertible. I can feel the excitement building up as I wonder what adventure awaits us.

As we drive, Barbie starts telling me the craziest stories about her life and all the amazing places she’s been to. She’s not just the iconic doll I used to play with as a kid; she’s a witty, adventurous, and fun-loving friend.

We finally arrive at this mysterious location, and to my surprise, it’s a top-secret science facility. Barbie, being the daring doll she is, managed to sneak us in. As we explore the place, we stumble upon a room with a huge mushroom cloud image projected on the wall.

Barbie looks at me with a mischievous grin and says, “This is where the magic happens! Let’s go Oppenheimering!” I’m trying to keep up with her energy and enthusiasm, even though I have no idea what she means.

And then, it dawns on me – Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb! Barbie pulls out some funny props, and we start recreating hilarious Oppenheimer memes with her in the picture. It’s an absolute blast (pun intended), and I can’t stop laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

As the day comes to an end, Barbie drops me back home, and I can’t help but feel grateful for the wild, unforgettable adventure she took me on. Who would have thought that hanging out with Barbie would be this entertaining and full of surprises?

From that day on, I know one thing for sure – Barbie is not your average doll; she’s the most extraordinary friend anyone could ask for, always up for a crazy adventure like “Oppenheimering”!

Donald Trump Meme – Impeach!

Funny Donald Trump Impeachment meme shows image of Donald Trump and says "I'm not orange...Impeach".
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Donald Trump Meme - Impeach!

Once upon a time in the bustling world of fruit kingdoms, there was a peculiar little orange named Donny. Unlike the other oranges in the orchard, Donny was blessed with an extraordinary zest for life and an adventurous spirit. But there was one tiny problem: Donny’s skin was not your typical orange hue. Instead of the usual sunny orange color, his skin was an eye-popping shade of… you guessed it, Trump orange!

Donny, with his citrusy complexion, stood out like a sore thumb among his fellow oranges. They teased him, calling him “The Orange One” and “Tango Tangy.” Donny tried his best to fit in, but his efforts only seemed to make him stand out even more. He felt sad and lonely, wishing he could be just like the other oranges.

One day, as the sun set over the orchard, Donny decided to go on a little adventure. He rolled and bounced through the rows of trees until he stumbled upon a wise old peach tree named Mr. Peachington. Mr. Peachington had seen many fruits pass through the orchard and was known for his sage advice.

“Donny, my young citrus friend, why do you look so sour?” Mr. Peachington asked, peering down at the little orange.

Donny sighed and confessed, “I wish I had a normal orange skin like everyone else. I’m tired of being called names and standing out.”

Mr. Peachington chuckled warmly, “Ah, my dear Donny, there’s nothing wrong with being different! Embrace your Trump orange hue, for it’s what makes you unique. You may feel like an orange now, but deep down, you have the sweetness of a peach!”

Donny was puzzled. “A peach? But I’m an orange!”

Mr. Peachington smiled and explained, “Sometimes, life has a way of surprising us. You see, when you embrace your uniqueness, your true essence shines through, and you’ll discover that you were meant to be something special all along.”

Intrigued by Mr. Peachington’s words, Donny decided to believe in himself and accept his Trump orange skin. He started to embrace his vibrant color, owning it with confidence. As he rolled and bounced through the orchard, he spread laughter and joy wherever he went.

To his surprise, the other oranges began to see Donny in a new light. They realized that being different wasn’t a bad thing at all. Donny’s zest for life and infectious energy brought smiles to their faces, and soon, they embraced him as a friend.

However, as Donny’s popularity grew, he started to let his unique color go to his head. He became arrogant and boastful, thinking he was better than all the other fruits. He even made some questionable decisions that caused uproar in the fruit kingdom.

The fruit parliament decided to hold an impeachment trial to hold Donny accountable for his actions. It turned out that the same confidence that once made him charming had now led him astray.

The trial was held in the Great Orchard Hall, and all the fruits gathered to watch. The evidence against Donny was overwhelming, and the vote for impeachment was unanimous. Donny, the once-beloved orange turned peach, was found guilty.

With a heavy heart, Donny was escorted to fruit jail, where he had time to reflect on his actions and the consequences of his arrogance. He realized that true greatness came from humility, acceptance, and learning from one’s mistakes.

As Donny spent time in jail, he began to change. He humbly accepted his mistakes and decided to make amends with the other fruits in the kingdom. He wrote heartfelt letters of apology, promising to be a better fruit in the future.

Gradually, the fruits forgave Donny, and he was released from jail with a newfound appreciation for the value of being true to oneself while also respecting others.

And so, the tale of Donny, the once-Orange-now-Peach, became a cautionary legend in the fruit kingdom. It taught the fruits the importance of humility, acceptance, and the consequences of letting pride lead to one’s downfall.

The moral of the story remained the same: Embrace your uniqueness, be true to yourself, and in the end, you might just find that you were destined to be a peach all along. But it also added the lesson that humility and learning from one’s mistakes are essential for true greatness.

37 of the Most Genius WiFi Names of All Time

funny wifi sloth ONLY memeZ shows image of confused sloth screaming at computer
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37 of the Most Genius WiFi Names of All Time

Calling all meme enthusiasts and internet humor aficionados! If you’re tired of mundane and uninspiring WiFi names, it’s time to elevate your wireless network game with a touch of creativity and wit. As an esteemed member of, we know you appreciate the power of laughter and the art of the meme. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of 37 genius meme-inspired WiFi names that will leave your guests and neighbors in stitches.

In the vast realm of internet humor, WiFi names have become a canvas for self-expression, and we’re here to help you stand out from the crowd. From clever tech puns to nostalgic references, these WiFi names are tailor-made for those who love to embrace the lighter side of life.

So, if you’re ready to take your internet humor prowess to new heights, let’s dive into these brilliantly crafted WiFi names that will undoubtedly bring joy and amusement to anyone who comes across your network. Prepare to share laughter, spark conversations, and showcase your meme-loving spirit with these top-notch WiFi names designed exclusively for users!

  1. Pretty Fly For a Wifi
  2. FBI Surveillance Van
  3. WuTangLAN
  4. Bill Wi the Science Fi
  5. IT Hurts when IP
  6. Silence of the LAN
  7. Every Day I’m Buffering
  8. Let the WiFi Win
  9. Sky net
  10. Two Girls and a Router
  11. Surveillance Van 35
  12. TellMyWiFiLover
  13. ThePromisedLAN
  14. WiBelieveICanFi
  15. Abraham Linksys
  16. Panic at the Cisco
  17. DropItLikeItsHotSpot
  18. Connected
  19. Lord of the Ping
  20. No Internet
  21. Another Brick in the Firewall
  22. NoMoreMrWiFi
  23. That’sWhatSheSSID
  24. Shout “PENIS” for Password
  25. No Internet Connection
  26. Reconnecting…
  27. There can be only WAN
  28. OnlyFansLiveStream
  29. The LAN Before Time
  30. ObiWAN
  31. LAN Solo
  32. Bathroom Camera #4
  33. Bill Clinternet
  34. Free Waifu
  35. YouShallNotPassword
  36. We hear you having sex
  37. Searching…


Enjoy confusing the shit out of your neighbours. You’re welcome 🫠