Terry the Accidental Batman

Funny Batman meme picture of Batman and Robin's conversation saying "Batman, the batmobile won't start." "Check the battery." "What's a Terry?"

Terry was a bumbling henchman working for one of Gotham’s many criminal organizations. He was known for his awkwardness and tendency to accidentally knock out his own allies during heists. One fateful night, he stumbled into a hidden room in the criminal hideout and discovered Batman’s secret lair. Being a huge fan of the Caped Crusader, Terry couldn’t resist trying on Batman’s suit and pretending to be him for a few minutes. However, he accidentally triggered an alarm and ended up getting chased around the hideout by his own allies, who thought he was the real Batman. In the end, Terry managed to escape, still wearing the Batsuit and completely unaware of the chaos he had caused. From that day on, he became known as “Terry the Accidental Batman,” much to the amusement of both Batman and his enemies.