What Makes a Good Meme?

Funny Meme when somebody shows you a meme you have had saved for the last three years Clearly u dont know who I am

Memes have become an integral part of internet culture, and the internet is flooded with countless memes, some hilarious and some not so much. A funny meme can quickly become viral and spread like wildfire, creating a sensation on social media. But what makes a meme funny and why do some memes make us laugh out loud while others don’t? In this article, we’ll explore what makes the funniest memes and what makes them so appealing.

Funny meme of bird staring into reflection says "Magic mirror, on the wall - who is the fairest one of all?"

Firstly, a funny meme needs to be relatable. The best memes tap into universal experiences, emotions, or situations that most people can relate to. For example, a meme about procrastination or the struggle of waking up early for work resonates with a lot of people. The more relatable a meme is, the more likely it is to be shared and appreciated.

Meme Honk honk Honk honk HONK honk

Secondly, a funny meme often involves an unexpected twist or an element of surprise. Memes that play with our expectations, subvert a common trope, or use a clever wordplay are often the most effective. A good example of this is the “Expanding Brain” meme, where the image gets progressively absurd with each panel, or the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme, which uses a stock photo in a clever way to create a humorous scenario.

Funny Titanic meme Do you keep your money in your bank or at home? Me: In my memories.

Another key ingredient of a funny meme is irony or sarcasm. Memes that poke fun at something or someone, or use a sarcastic tone to convey humor, can be incredibly effective. The “Ironic SpongeBob” meme, which features a screenshot of SpongeBob SquarePants with a sarcastic caption, is an excellent example of this. Memes that make fun of popular culture or internet trends are also popular because they show that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Funny cat meme. Image of cat that looks like it is wearing a headset says "Meet Mike. He's standing by, ready for your calls now.

Timing is also crucial when it comes to making a meme funny. The best memes are often timely, tapping into current events, pop culture, or internet trends. A meme that references a recent news event or a popular TV show can quickly become popular because it’s fresh in people’s minds. However, a meme that references something from several years ago may not be as effective, as people may not remember the original reference.

Finally, a funny meme needs to be visually appealing. Memes that are poorly designed, blurry, or hard to read are unlikely to be shared, even if the content is funny. A well-designed meme with clear typography and an attention-grabbing image is more likely to catch people’s attention and get shared widely.

Funny Twitter Inspiration meme My energy going into 2023 Every dead body on Mt Everest was once a highly motivated person, so maybe calm down.

In summary, what makes the funniest memes is a combination of relatability, unexpected twists, irony or sarcasm, timeliness, and visual appeal. A funny meme taps into our common experiences, emotions, or situations, and subverts our expectations or uses clever wordplay to create humor. Memes that reference current events or pop culture are more likely to be shared widely, and memes that are well-designed and visually appealing are more likely to catch people’s attention.

funny meme i bet there's a couple seconds on that medieval torture stretcher rack where it feels incredible

However, it’s worth noting that humour is subjective, and what one person finds funny may not be funny to someone else. The beauty of memes is that there’s something for everyone, and the internet is constantly creating new and hilarious memes for us to enjoy. Ultimately, what makes a meme funny is that it makes us laugh, and that’s all that matters.

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