Roid Wars

Funny Star Wars meme shows image of buff Yoda training buff Luke. Comments say "Gains you must get, bro" "Dafuq is this? lol"

“Lift you must, young Skywalker,” he said, as he handed him a pair of dumbbells. “Feel the pump, you will.”

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W0t If the Emperor Was a Lhasa Apso?

As a Lhasa Apso, Emperor Palpatine would be much smaller in stature but no less commanding in presence. He would likely have a long, flowing coat and an almost regal demeanor, despite his small size. When urging Luke to strike him down, he would do so in a high-pitched, yappy voice, perhaps punctuated with an occasional growl. Despite his small size, however, Palpatine would exude a sense of power and authority, and his words would carry weight even if his physical form did not. In the end, Luke would find it difficult to resist the commands of such a forceful little dog.