Funny anime meme shows image of anime character with distressed look on face and says "The Doctor: It is time to check your reflexes. Me: *dodges the little knee hammer* The Doctor: This power..."
…Taro’s knees began to shake with fear… #anime #funny #memes #onlymemez

As Dr. Tanaka approached him with the little knee hammer, Taro’s knees began to shake with fear. Suddenly, he burst into a fit of “awhaaaaa?” and “hyaaaaa!” as he dodged left and right, making silly faces at the doctor. The little hammer swung wildly, missing Taro’s knee by a mile. Taro leapt onto the exam table, twirling his arms like a windmill, and let out a high-pitched scream. Dr. Tanaka looked on in bewilderment as Taro struck a pose and declared, “You may have a little hammer, but I have the power of ridiculousness on my side!” The doctor shook his head in amusement as Taro continued his wild antics, dodging the little knee hammer with ease. In the end, the exam was over, and Taro had emerged victorious. He left the office with a spring in his step, convinced that he was the most agile ninja in all of Japan.

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