Funny Philomena Cunk on Earth meme. Two images of Philomena explaining. First image says "In the end he loses his horse and ends up wandering round a car park looking for it where he eventually dies." The second image says "Because in those days you couldn't find your horse just by beeping its keys and making its arse light up."
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Once upon a time, in the darkest depths of history, a hapless knight found himself in a predicament. He had lost his noble steed in a vast, mysterious car park. Determined to retrieve his faithful companion, he embarked on a quest that would test the limits of his sanity.

In those ancient days, dear audience, there were no fancy buttons to press and make a horse’s posterior magically illuminate. Oh no, it was a time of gloom and despair, where even horses relied solely on their own natural glow. Yes, you heard me correctly – horse luminescence was a thing!

Picture this, if you will: the valiant knight, armed with nothing but a flickering torch, roamed the dimly lit car park, his heart pounding in his chest like an overexcited drummer. He desperately scanned each row, muttering enchantments under his breath, hoping to spot the faint glow emanating from his equine companion’s derriere.

Alas, dear listeners, it was not meant to be. The car park, shrouded in darkness, seemed to mock the poor knight. His every step echoed in the eerie silence, as if the very air whispered, “Your horse shall forever remain elusive!”

Why, you ask? Why on Earth couldn’t this distraught knight simply press a button to summon a luminous behind? Ah, my curious friends, because such magical contraptions were but a distant dream. The ancient ones, in their infinite wisdom, had not yet blessed humanity with the convenience of horse butt illumination technology.

So, there our knight wandered, desperately searching for his horse, stumbling over loose stones and forgotten shopping carts. Days turned into nights, and nights into weeks. His armor grew rusty, his spirit waned, and he began to question the cruel design of the universe.

And then, in a twist befitting the tales of old, our valiant knight stumbled upon a profound realization. He realized that it wasn’t about finding the horse; it was about finding himself. Lost in the labyrinthine car park, he had discovered the true meaning of life – to embrace the absurdity and laugh in the face of adversity.

And so, with a weary smile and a newfound appreciation for the absurd, the knight bid farewell to his elusive horse and ventured forth, forever carrying the memory of that fateful car park quest. For in the end, dear friends, it’s not always about finding the horse’s illuminated arse; it’s about finding the light within ourselves.

And that, my dearest audience, is the tale of why a button to light up a horse’s derriere eluded our noble knight in the darkest of car parks. Remember, laughter and absurdity are the true beacons in our journey through the enigmatic tapestry of life. Keep wandering, my friends, and may you never lose sight of your own shining arse, metaphorical or otherwise!

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